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Rosaleen Young Humiliating Spanking Punishment Video

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Rosaleen Young comes down the stairs in the nude in this spanking video. She is carrying the paddle which she thinks is going to be spanking her little girl bottom in the next few minutes.

Rosaleen has skipped class and her mistresses are going to give her some spanking punishment in order to discipline this naughty girl.

She is ordered to sit on all fours on the table, with her bottom sticking out backwards and her cute little breasts dangling freely from her chest.

Rosie’s mistresses take turns grabbing her hair, holding her head back and cane spanking her naughty little bottom.

She is made to stand up and hold her buttocks out backwards for her mistresses to punish.

Rosaleen Young is spanked to tears. Not just from the pain, but also from the humiliation.

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