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Slutty Girls Misbehave And Receive Cane Spanking Punishment

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This older gentleman was enjoying his vacation, when all of a sudden these girls come over and start bothering him.

They’re not very well behaved either. Quite frankly, they’re fucking sluts. And this fellow is old fashioned so he’s not about to put up with their slutty behavior.

He takes the girls over his knee and gives them an old fashioned otk spanking with the bare hand.

The girls’ buttocks turn red and they get a short break to recover from their spanking punishment.

Then, they must bend over while standing next to each other for a cheek welting cane spanking.

Damn those little hussies. This had better teach them a lesson.

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One Hot Response to “Slutty Girls Misbehave And Receive Cane Spanking Punishment”

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    mike Says:

    I love it when a girl is caned in the nude by an old man or woman. After the caning, he should spread her ass cheeks to inspect her pink stinky anus. He should also cane the wrinkled smelly soles of her feet for good measure!

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